Conversion Table(모든 계량에 관한 변환 도표)

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Conversion Table

Capacity1/5 teaspoon1 ml
1 teaspoon (tsp)5 ml
1 tablespoon (tbsp)15 ml
1 fluid oz.30 ml
1/5 cup50 ml
1/4 cup60 ml
1/3 cup80 ml
3.4 fluid oz.100 ml
1/2 cup120 ml
2/3 cup160 ml
3/4 cup180 ml
1 cup240 ml
1 pint (2 cups)480 ml
1 quart (4 cups).95 liter
34 fluid oz.1 liter
4.2 cups1 liter
2.1 pints1 liter
1.06 quarts1 liter
.26 gallon1 liter
4 quarts (1 gallon)3.8 liters
Weight.035 ounce1 gram
0.5 oz.14 grams
1 oz.28 grams
1/4 pound (lb)113 grams
1/3 pound (lb)151 grams
1/2 pound (lb)227 grams
1 pound (lb)454 grams
1.10 pounds (lbs)500 grams
2.205 pounds (lbs)1 kilogram
35 oz.1 kilogram
Equivalents16 tablespoons1 cup
12 tablespoons3/4 cup
10 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons2/3 cup
8 tablespoons1/2 cup
6 tablespoons3/8 cup
5 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon1/3 cup
4 tablespoons1/4 cup
2 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons1/6 cup
2 tablespoons1/8 cup
1 tablespoon1/16 cup
1 pint2 cups
1 quart2 pints
1 tablespoon3 teaspoons
1 cup48 teaspoons
1 cup16 tablespoons
Butter1 tablespoon14.175 grams
1 stick4 ounces
1 stick1/2 cup
1 stick8 tablespoons
1 stick113 grams
1 cup226 grams
Sugar1 cup of caster sugar200 grams
1 cup of raw sugar250 grams
1 cup of brown sugar220 grams
1 cup of confectioners (icing) sugar125 grams
1 teapsoon of caster sugar4.2 grams
1 tablespoon of caster sugar12.6 grams
Honey1 tablespoon21.25 grams
1/4 cup85 grams
1 cup340 grams
Salt1/4 teaspoon1.42 grams
1/2 teaspoon2.84 grams
1 teaspoon5.69 grams
1/2 tablespoon8.53 grams
1 tablespoon17.07 grams
Yeast1 teaspoon instant dry yeast3.1 grams
2 1/4 teaspoons instant dry yeast7 grams
1 tablespoon instant dry yeast9.3 grams
7 grams instant dry yeast21 grams fresh yeast
Cornstarch1 cup150 grams
1 teaspoon3.3 grams
Flour1 cup all-purpose flour (USDA)125 grams
1 cup all-purpose flour (Gold Medal)130 grams
1 cup whole wheat flour (USDA)120 grams
1 cup whole wheat flour (Gold Medal)128 grams
1 cup bread flour (USDA)127 grams
1 cup bread flour (Gold Medal)135 grams
1 cup rye flour (USDA)102 grams
King Arthur says ALL flour types113 grams
1 tablespoon of flourbetween 8 and 9 grams
Cream1 cup240 grams
1/2 cup120 grams
1 tablespoon15 grams
250 ºF120 ºC1/2
275 ºF135 ºC1
300 ºF150 ºC2
325 ºF165 ºC3
350 ºF175 ºC4
375 ºF190 ºC5
400 ºF205 ºC6
425 ºF220 ºC7
450 ºF235 ºC8
475 ºF245 ºC9
500 ºF260 ºC 

Converting Fahrenheit and Celsius

  • To convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, subtract 32 degrees and divide by 1.8
  • To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply by 1.8 and add 32 degrees

Converting Yeast

  • Converting from fresh yeast to active dry yeast you multiply the weight of the fresh yeast by 0.4
  • Converting from fresh yeast to instant dry yeast you multiply the weight of the fresh yeast by 0.33
Tip: Buy a kitchen scale and your baking life will be a whole lot easier! Especially with weighing small amounts of yeast and salt, a precision scale that can weigh tenths of grams is something I couldn’t do without. You know exactly what you put in and will discover that there is a difference in taste when putting e.g. 8.2 or 9 grams of salt in your bread

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